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Non-vertebrates Non-vertebrates
Purple Sea Urchin • whole Strongylocentrotus purpuratus Echinoderms
Green Sea Urchin • whole Psammechinus miliaris Echinoderms
Sea Star • whole Pisaster sp. Echinoderms
Five-notched Sand Dollar • whole (1) Encope michelini Echinoderms
Five-notched Sand Dollar • whole (3) Encope michelini Echinoderms
Dobsonfly • head Corydalus cornutus Arthropods
Peacock Mantis Shrimp • head Odontodactylus scyllarus Arthropods
Megarian Banded Centipede • upper body Scolopendra cingulata Arthropods
Fossil Thick-tailed Scorpion • whole Scorpion Arthropods
Staghorn Beetle • whole Lucanus sp. Arthropods
Wasp • whole Angarosphex magnus Arthropods
Trilobite • whole Trilobite Arthropods
Wedge-shaped Beetle • whole Rhipiphoridae sp. Arthropods
Fossil Shield Bug • whole Pentatomoidea Arthropods
Dobsonfly • whole Corydalus cornutus Arthropods
Fossil Cockroach • whole Cockroach Arthropods
Trilobite • whole Flexicalymene meeki Arthropods
Tulip • flower Tulipa sp. Plants
Pineapple • fruit Ananas comosus Plants
Nutmeg • seed Myristica fragrans Plants
Mitrate • whole Jaekelocarpus oklahomensis Urochordata
Fossil Snail • whole Snail in Amber Mollusks
Rudist • whole Caprinuloidea perfecta Mollusks
Brachiopod • whole Terebratalia transversa Brachiopoda
Foraminifera • whole Cycloclypeus carpenteri Foraminifera
Ediacaran Fossil • whole Pteridinium simplex Other
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