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African Softshell Turtle • skull Trionyx triunguis Cryptodires
Bog Turtle • head Glyptemys muhlenbergii Cryptodires
East African Serrated Mud Turtle • skull Pelusios sinuatus Pleurodires
Fossil Cryptodire • braincase Xinjiangchelys radiplicatoides Cryptodires
Fossil Cryptodire • skull (holotype) Nichollsemys baieri Cryptodires
Fossil Pleurodire • skull Galianemys emringeri Pleurodires
Fossil Pleurodire • skull (holotype) Hamadachelys escuilliei Pleurodires
Leatherback Turtle • head Dermochelys coriacea Cryptodires
Loggerhead Sea Turtle • head Caretta caretta Cryptodires
Mata Mata • head Chelus fimbriatus Pleurodires
Northern Snapping Turtle • head Elseya dentata Pleurodires
Painted Turtle • skull Chrysemys picta Pleurodires
Pig-nosed Turtle • whole Carettochelys insculpta Cryptodires
Smooth Softshell Turtle • skull Apalone mutica Cryptodires
Stem Turtle • skull Eunotosaurus africanus Pleurodires
Striped Mud Turtle • skull Kinosternon baurii Pleurodires
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