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Notogoneus osculusFossil, Fossil Fish
DigiMorph Staff - The University of Texas at Austin
Notogoneus osculus
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Texas Memorial Museum (TMM M-41434-1)

Image processing: Dr. Amy Balanoff
Publication Date: 08 Mar 2004


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About the Species

This specimen was collected from the Duchesne River Formation in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. It was made available to The University of Texas High-Resolution X-ray CT Facility for scanning courtesy of the Texas Memorial Museum Vertebrate Paleonotology Laboratory. Funding for scanning and image processing was provided by a National Science Foundation Digital Libraries Initiative grant to Dr. Timothy Rowe of The University of Texas at Austin.

About this Specimen

This specimen was scanned by Rich Ketcham on 6 November 2001 along the coronal axis for a total of 399 1024x1024 pixel slices. Each slice is 1.0 mm thick, with an interslice spacing of 0.8 mm (for a slice overlap of 0.2 mm) and a field of reconstruction of 248 mm.

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