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Non-vertebrates (List with thumbnails)

Flexicalymene meeki • whole Trilobite Arthropods

Sharks, Fishes & Other Fish-like Creatures (List with thumbnails)

Conorhynchos conirostris • upper body Catfish Actinopterygians
Steindachneridion scriptum • head Catfish Actinopterygians

Amphibians (List with thumbnails)

Dermophis mexicanus • head Mexican Burrowing Caecilian Gymnophiona

Turtles (List with thumbnails)

Lizards, Snakes and Their Relatives (List with thumbnails)

Chamaeleo calyptratus • upper body Veiled Chameleon Iguanians
Heloderma suspectum • head (juvenile) Gila Monster Scleroglossans
Lanthanotus borneensis • head (YPM) Earless 'Monitor' Scleroglossans
Moloch horridus • whole Thorny Devil Iguanians
Phrynosoma taurus • head Mexican Horned Lizard Iguanians
Python molurus • head Burmese Python Scleroglossans
Uromastyx hardwickii • skull Indian Spiny-tailed Lizard Iguanians

Alligators and Crocodiles (List with thumbnails)

Calsoyasuchus valliceps • skull (holotype) Fossil Crocodyliform Pseudosuchia
Crocodylus rhombifer • skull Cuban Crocodile Pseudosuchia

Birds (List with thumbnails)

Aepyornis maximus • egg Elephant Bird Avians
Aptenodytes forsteri • whole (juvenile) Emperor Penguin Avians
Gallus gallus • skull (adult) Domestic Chicken Avians

Dinosaurs, Pterosaurs and Their Extinct Relatives (List with thumbnails)

Mammals and Their Extinct Relatives (List with thumbnails)

Alces alces • head Moose Placentals
Bradypus variegatus • skull Three-toed Sloth Placentals
Elephas maximus • mandible Asian Elephant Placentals
Galerella sanguinea • skull (male) Slender Mongoose Placentals
Giraffa camelopardalis • skull Giraffe Placentals
Hydrurga leptonyx • skull Leopard Seal Placentals
Macropus rufus • skull Red Kangaroo Marsupials
Mus musculus • skull House Mouse Placentals
Obdurodon dicksoni • skull Fossil Platypus Monotremes
Ornithorhynchus anatinus • skull (adult) Duckbill Platypus Monotremes
Otocyon megalotis • skull (male) Bat-eared Fox Placentals
Panthera leo • skull (juvenile) Lion Placentals
Prionodon linsang • skull Banded Linsang Placentals
Rooneyia viejaensis • skull Fossil Primate Placentals
Tapirus bairdii • skull Baird's Tapir Placentals
Tapirus terrestris • skull Lowland Tapir Placentals
Turkana ziphiid • skull Fossil Beaked Whale Placentals
Ursus americanus • skull (male) American Black Bear Placentals
Ursus maritimus • skull Polar Bear Placentals
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